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Sep 26, 2017

This is an older podcast from 2+ years ago as I was driving through the desert but there was such a demand on the story behind the "Dear Slim" pt 1 and 2 song I figured it was worth reposting.. enjoy! 

Sep 23, 2017

Spoke this message @ the youth ministry @ my church.. talks about not being defined by what the world says vs. being defined by what God says. 

Sep 16, 2017

Here's pt. 2 of the collaborations song by song breakdown ft. Todd Collins .. get this bonus song @ 

Sep 13, 2017

what can i say?  One my favorites feat. Todd Collins .. breaking down the album that was a huge turning point in my career. (pt. 1) ft. exclusive clip of the original Dear Slim demo. 

Sep 6, 2017

Older episode from a few years ago but I thought it was so good it was worth reposting.. In this podcast Im joined by two childhood friends... one who i formed the "G-force posse" with when i was 14 and the other whom recorded my first rhyme ever... This was hands down one of my favorite podcasts I've ever done.